1972 Gibson EB-3 Bass, Cherry
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1972 Gibson EB-3 Bass, Cherry 1972 Gibson EB-3 Bass, Cherry 1972 Gibson EB-3 Bass, Cherry 1972 Gibson EB-3 Bass, Cherry 1972 Gibson EB-3 Bass, Cherry 1972 Gibson EB-3 Bass, Cherry 1972 Gibson EB-3 Bass, Cherry 1972 Gibson EB-3 Bass, Cherry

1972 Gibson EB-3 Bass, Cherry



A Brief History from our Tech Writer

Gibson is company never heavily associated with bass guitars, leaving the lion’s share of that market to Fender, who kept it for many years. But for some, Gibson basses where the way, and one in particular, the EB-3, popped up in the hands of some serious rock royalty. The EB-3 is was an offshoot of the EB-0, which dawned the SG shape in 1961. The EB-3 was Gibson’s first 2 pick-up bass, and it is not known for sure if it was a response to Fender’s recently released Jazz Bass, but if you take it from Jack Bruce (and you bloody well should!) it didn’t sound anything like a Fender. This is no surprise either; with a 30.5” scale length, 2 humbuckers, and a hefty all-mahogany neck and body, the EB-3 might as well have been from a different planet than the Jazz Bass. And the Cream bassist wasn’t the only one slinging one of these beasts; others like Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones, Andy Fraser of Free, and Pete Quaife of The Kinks were seen with EB-3s among others over the years. Though the EB-3 would be discontinued in 1979, it would see a sort of spiritual revival in Gibson’s SG Bass for limited periods in the mid 2010s.


Here we have an EB-3 from 1972 in the classic Cherry finish that we all know and love. This piece was played and loved by its previous owners, who gave it plenty of dents and scuffs along with freeing it from its bridge cover. Aside from that, the bass is all original and is in great playing shape. Keeping true to its appeal, it does play a lot like a regular guitar, and feels that way too, making this a great bass for any guitar player who needs to provide some low end from time to time. The sounds are very nice, with a great penchant for distorted and dirty tones. The varitone switch gives you four options: bridge and neck, bridge only, neck only, and neck with a “choke” which adds a bit more brightness. Both pick-ups together is probably the nicest sound from this bass, with plenty of warmth and character. Aside from being a bit road worn, this bass is a fine instrument and a perfect addition to any bassists arsenal. Ships in a gig-bag.

Weight: 9 lbs.6 oz.
Nut Width: 1 ⅝”

6.5/10 (good condition) 1972 Made in the USA

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