2002 Rickenbacker 4003/8, Fireglo
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2002 Rickenbacker 4003/8, Fireglo 2002 Rickenbacker 4003/8, Fireglo 2002 Rickenbacker 4003/8, Fireglo 2002 Rickenbacker 4003/8, Fireglo 2002 Rickenbacker 4003/8, Fireglo

2002 Rickenbacker 4003/8, Fireglo




This is a Rickenbacker 4003S/8 bass made in 2002 with a Fireglo finish. The 4003/8 is a sort of spiritual reissue of the 4005/8, a very rare and shortly manufactured 8-string bass in Rickenbacker’s 4000 series. This is no extended range bass, however, with the extra 4 strings being octave doubles of the standard EADG. The “S” in the model denotes the “standard” classification, implying a more straightforward 4003 with no binding, dot inlays, and only mono output, so no Rick-O-Sound on this one! Other features include Rick’s standard lacquered rosewood board, a covered bridge pickup, Schaller tuners, and a neck-thru all-maple body design. This gives the bass a tight attack and a great punch, not to mention some serious heft, so get yourself a nice strap! The doubled strings make this bass an easier fit for pick players, but with some technique adjustments you can get some cool sounds from fingers as well. The bass is in fabulous condition both cosmetically and structurally. The only real blemish to be found is on the bottom bass side, where the tiniest dent can be seen in the right light. Aside from that, there is some lacquer wear on the frets from play, but nothing serious. This bass even comes with its original “Made in America” sticker and ships in its original hardshell case with case candy.

A Brief History from our Tech Writer

The 8-string bass was first conceived of as a way for a lone bassist, in this instance inventor Eric Krackow, to fill up the rhythm sound when the guitarist(s) were otherwise engaged. Krackow later sold this idea to Hagstrom, who produced the H8, the first production 8-string. This model was sparsely utilized, but some fun examples include Mike Rutherford, Lemmy, and even Jimi Hendrix, who used one for a couple tracks on Electric Ladyland. Rickenbacker would eventually develop their own 8-string, the aforementioned 4005/8 in the late ‘60s. Rickenbacker initially made two prototypes of the model, one for John Entwistle of The Who and one for Chris Squire of Yes fame. Squire would later utilize an 8-string bass on Yes’ 1983 Album 90125, particularly in the opening for the song “Changes”. Rickenbacker would produce another 8-string line in the ‘70s, simply called the 4008, which was discontinued in 1983. This was followed by the 4003S/8, which was produced from 1987 to 2003.

Weight: 9 lbs 9 oz.
Nut Width: 1 ¾”

8.9/10 (excellent condition) 2002 Made in the USA

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