Gibson L5-S 1973
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Gibson L5-S 1973 Gibson L5-S 1973 Gibson L5-S 1973 Gibson L5-S 1973 Gibson L5-S 1973

Gibson L5-S 1973



In 1972, Gibson introduced the L5-S, essentially a solid body version of the wildly popular L-5. These guitars sported thin maple bodies, ebony fretboards, and two Gibson low-impedance pick-ups. These low-impedance pick-ups were set with one in the bridge and one in the neck at an angle. On this particular L5-S, the low-impedance pick-ups were removed and replaced by two Gibson humbuckers, which required re-routing on the cavities and the placement of two plastic plates to cover the enlarged holes.. It also appears that the original pots were replaced with Alembic electronics. The guitar is in excellent condition, with some nicks on the body and some buckle rash on the back. There is a chip in the binding on the treble side of the neck at the nut, and it appears the nut has been replaced as well. There is also some oxidation on the hardware, but otherwise this guitar looks and plays great; a unique pick for Gibson lovers. Ships in its original hard-shell case.

Weight: 8 lbs. 8 oz.

8/10 (excellent condition) 1972 Made in the USA

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Type: Solid Body

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