Gibson Les Paul HD.6X Digital Blue w/ Break-out Box
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Gibson Les Paul HD.6X Digital Blue w/ Break-out Box Gibson Les Paul HD.6X Digital Blue w/ Break-out Box Gibson Les Paul HD.6X Digital Blue w/ Break-out Box Gibson Les Paul HD.6X Digital Blue w/ Break-out Box Gibson Les Paul HD.6X Digital Blue w/ Break-out Box

Gibson Les Paul HD.6X Digital Blue w/ Break-out Box



Here we have a revolutionary guitar from Gibson, a Les Paul HD.6X-Pro with patented Gibson MaGIC ethernet audio system. The idea behind this instrument was to put a nearly infinite amount of outboard tonal possibilities into a classic Les Paul. In addition to its PAF style humbuckers, this instrument has an array of hex pick-ups at the bridge, one pick-up for each string. With this arrangement, the player has ultimate control over the tonal output of the instrument. The hex pick-ups convert the analog signal into digital over ethernet and into the mixing board, with the possibility of a dedicated channel for each string, and whatever combinations in between. Apart from its sophisticated digital applications, the guitar plays and feels just like a Les Paul should, with that classic weight and crunchy humbucker sound. The barrel tuners are very smooth, and add to the futuristic look of the instrument along with the Digital Blue finish. The instrument has almost no wear whatsoever, aside from a very small dent in the headstock. Along with the guitar ships its original electronics, including the Gibson MaGIC Break-out Box and XLR cable. Ships in its original hard-shell case.

Weight: 9 lbs.
Nut Width: 1 11/16”

9/10 (near-mint condition) 2006 Made in the USA

Let explain their modern marvel:

Tap the Hex, Crack Open the Universe
Nominated for prominent awards in musical-instrument innovation almost immediately upon its release in 2007, the HD.6X Pro Digital Les Paul is the most advanced guitar-based digital controller ever produced. In addition to its two traditional magnetic humbucking pickups, the HD.6X Pro Digital Les Paul carries a unique new Hex pickup, mounted between the traditional “lead” position humbucking pickup and the bridge, which is made up of six individual humbucking-type pickups (one for each string), and forms the link between analog and digital in the system. Each of these six pickups in the Hex sends a signal from its individual string to the guitar’s onboard, studio-grade preamps and converters, where it is converted from analog to digital and sent down a standard Ethernet cable to a proprietary Break out Box (BoB for short, included). From here, the player can route the output to be processed externally in mono, stereo (splitting the three lower and three upper strings), or as six individual signals—one to each of six amps, one to each of six channels on a mixing desk, or wherever your imagination takes you. The HD.6X Pro Digital Les Paul’s onboard preamp system also includes a headphone output for in-ear monitoring, and a facility to return a monitor feed from an external mixer via the BoB and Ethernet cable, so you can play along to other sources.
All in all, the HD.6X Pro Digital Les Paul presents sky’s-the-limit possibilities that are maximized by its ability to tap outboard digital systems, rather than being restricted to inherently limited onboard tone-producing systems, as with other digital guitars. All this, and you still have an exquisitely crafted, traditional Les Paul with two of the world’s most popular PAF-style magnetic humbucking pickups to boot. The HD.6X Pro Digital Les Paul comes with a Gibson Digital hardshell case, BoB, Ethernet cable, and TRS cable.

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Type: Solid Body

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