Late 70s Fender Telecaster, Natural
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Late 70s Fender Telecaster, Natural Late 70s Fender Telecaster, Natural Late 70s Fender Telecaster, Natural Late 70s Fender Telecaster, Natural Late 70s Fender Telecaster, Natural

Late 70s Fender Telecaster, Natural



The CBS era of Fender is an often maligned time, characterized by a downgrade in quality and several controversial changes to beloved standards, particularly the Stratocaster. What we know today as the Standard Telecaster was left largely unchanged during the ‘70s, and most complaints are leveled at the overall quality of the decade’s output, and toward subjective features, like neck shape. This piece is of the late CBS era, made between ‘77 and ‘78, right around the time that Fender was printing serial numbers on the headstock. The guitar also has a sticker with the same serial number in the neck pocket, matching the body to the neck. Oddly enough, there is another serial number sticker in the pocket that has an odd format (10 06 08). The numbers from the mystery sticker come out to 1965, which is obviously inaccurate, and we are unsure of what the number means. Whatever the case, we can be sure that the pots were replaced with 1980 CTS pots, but that all else with the guitar is original. Made with the standard ash body and maple neck, this Tele checks all the boxes for the original classic. Slightly unusual but by no means a flaw, this guitar’s body is three solid pieces of ash that add up to a whopping 9 pounds in total weight. This unusual weight makes for some great sustain, and the tone of this guitar in general is very full and has a lot of variability between the three selector positions. This Tele is a great player as well, and will provide all the vintage vibe you could want. The only real condition issues with this Tele is some minor bumps and dings and some corrosion on its chrome parts, but it still looks great and is wholly structurally sound. One of the best byproducts of the ‘70s guitar stigma is the great prices, and this wonderful piece is a great example; get your hands on this awesome vintage Fender! Ships in its original hardshell case.

Nut Width: 1 ⅝”

Weight: 9 lbs.

7.5/10 (very good condition) 1977/78 Made in the USA

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Type: Solid Body

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