RKS Ashgreen
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RKS Ashgreen RKS Ashgreen RKS Ashgreen RKS Ashgreen RKS Ashgreen

RKS Ashgreen



Here we have a beautiful piece from a truly unique builder, RKS.  This guitar is the product of thousands of hours of design and trial and error from the California based makers.  The instrument is composed of a "core" with sides fixed to it with either wood or aluminum rods, making it a very flexible design.  This particular piece is in excellent condition with only some slight oxidation on the pick-up covers.  The guitar plays great and sounds nice too.  Ships in a TKL hardshell case.

Weight: 7 lbs. 5 oz.

8.5/10 (excellent condition) c.2006 Made in the USA

From www.rksdesign.com


Reinventing an icon like the electric guitar is a truly big challenge, but one that every ambitious designer at RKS dreamt about. As a huge music and guitar fan, RKS’ CEO Ravi Sawhney challenged his team to create a high performance electric guitar made out of sustainable materials that would attract first time learners, as well as the best guitar players in the world. The challenge included developing the right shape, ergonomics, tone, balance and aesthetics for the guitar as well as a modular architecture that allowed easy customization. In order to position the product with a distinct differentiation on the market the design had to provide significant improvements to the guitar players’ experience over that provided by traditional electric guitars. Such as expanded tonal range, faster volume, selector controls and weight reduction. 

All of our instruments are inspected by our manufacturer certified technician and stored in our humidity and temperature controlled warehouse. All listings are as pictured in the included photographs. We ship all of our instruments through UPS Ground with Reverb Protection. Please reach out and contact us with any questions you may have!

Type: Solid Body

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